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When Do You Know It Is Time To Outsource Payroll?

Here are just a few signs that you may be ready to outsource your payroll:

  *   You have found it difficult to keep track of when you need to pay federal, state and
       local taxes, or you are behind on tax payments and possibly incurring penalties.
  *   Processing payroll is taking up too much of your time or it is keeping you from        
       focusing on other tasks - tasks that YOU are especially good at.
  *   Your employees are requesting direct deposit and you would like to grant their requests.
  *   You are anticipating growth in the next year that will involve hiring many new employees.
  *   You do not have good records or controls in place to help you track employee vacation
       time and sick days.
  *   You are planning on implementing a benefits program that will add a new level of 
       complexity to your payroll deductions.
What We Do
We will meet all of your payroll and bookkeeping needs.
The Payroll Place offers complete payroll and bookkeeping,
to self-employed individuals and small to medium-sized businesses.  
We understand our clients' needs and deliver a
personal service, catering to the specific needs of your business.
Our Services
  1. Bookkeeping
    If you are tired of handling receipts, bill-paying, bank reconciliations and other tedious tasks that come with running your own business, we can certainly help.
  2. Payroll
    Whether you need us to process your live payroll, or only need us to prepare your quarterlies, we tailor your payroll package to suit your needs.